“Vulture Alights, Vulture Awaits”

The vulture is a 100% natural spalted pigment image from the grain of a Myrtlewood tree, super imposed into a pencil drawing. Created in February, 2020, by Terry Woodall.

Manhattan Arts International

Manhattan Arts International has featured Terry’s latest work, “Arboreal Lion”, on their page of new works by member artists.

ARBOREAL LION, OREGON MYRTLEWOOD, H36” X W24” X D24” Utilizing the natural flair of spreading roots from the bole of a myrtlewood tree, I endeavored to capture the calm power of this magnificent animal. For me, these roots previously clutching the earth metaphorically represent the lion species clinging to the earth in the face of much adversity. It is a highlight of my career to present this natural wood rendition of the indisputable king of the African plain.

These Birds Can Fly

A pair of herons titled “Matters of the Heart” was selected for two international art shows, one in London, England, and the other in Qingdao, China, with both exhibits occurring in the summer of 2017.

Left, bronze sculpture of heron pair; original driftwood sculpture on right. title: “Matters of the Heart” © Terry Woodall

The first bronze in a limited edition of twelve is on exhibit at the Qingdao Lan Wan Art Gallery inLan Wan Art Park – a relatively new 300 acre ecological park, monumental sculpture garden, and art village, in one of China’s most beautiful and important coastal cities, Qingdao City. The Art of Conservation International Exhibition runs from August 1 through September 30, and is part of the Artists for Conservation Foundation’s annual touring exhibition for 2017. [see photo at left]

The second bronze edition of the herons was short listed as a finalist in the 10th annual “Wildlife Artist of the Year” exhibition and competition sponsored by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Presented at the Mall Galleries, London, the opening night of the event on June 27th saw “Matters of the Heart” purchased in the first hour of display. Half of the proceeds of all show sales goes directly to protecting threatened wildlife and their habitats.

Opening night event of the “Wildlife Artist of the Year” art exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London
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